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FAQtual NOTE: This document contains both reference and contact information. While the reference information is still accurate, due to the passage of time you should assume that contact information is out of date and is only provided for historical reference.

Mini-FAQ (frequently asked questions): floptical and the //'s


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Big thanks to Nathan Mates, the previous maintainer of this comp.sys.apple2 FAQ, for allowing it to live on after his departure and anyone who took up that mantle before him.

Which Apple //'s can use the floptical?

With the Apple //gs, you can use the Apple SCSI card rev. C, Apple High-Speed SCSI card, or RamFAST SCSI card.

With the //gs, you can use the floptical to read and write:

720k MFM formated disks (usually MS-DOS) 1440k MFM formatted disks (usually MS-DOS) ~21mb VHD disks (like a SCSI device)

With the //e, you can only use RamFAST. I believe you can only use it as a 21mb drive. A floptical will be a decent main drive, or a pretty good backup media.

Which RamFAST ROM version do I need?

You need 3.0k or later to have floptical support, but some of them have bugs with the floptical support. So be sure to get the best version, 3.0.1e ROM.

3.0.1e fixes some floptical bugs, and also allows the mounting of ISO-9660 (high-sierra format) CD-ROMs.

Where can I buy the latest RamFAST ROM's?

Reactive Computers - http://gse-reactive.com

Be sure to specify for rev. C or rev D. RamFAST, and if you have a //e or //gs.

Which drivers do I need for the Apple SCSI cards?

For rev. C or High-Speed, you can use Richard Bennett's freeware drivers. If you bought the floptical drive from Tulin, they also come with Tulin's drivers.

Latest version of Richard's drivers is 1.0.1.

Where can I get Richard Bennett's freeware drivers?

It is available for FTP on apple2.caltech.edu. If you have problems locating it and/or no FTP access, mail me, and I'll post to comp.binaries.apple2 or send you a binscii mail.

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