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Floppy Disk Drives:

Apple Disk ][ Drive / Compatibles (20 Pin)

Compatibility:][, ][+, //e,or IIgs (w/20 Pin Disk ][ Controller or compatible installed)

Uses:Can be used as first or second drive.

Storage: The Drive is compatible with ProDOS, DOS 3.3, Apple Pascal 1.2/1.3 & Apple CP/M It is a single sided,double density drive,It stores 143 K of information, or 560 Sectors of DOS 3.3, 280 ProDOS Blocks. This is a Apple GCR Device only and can not read any other formats even with additional software or hardware.

Technical Specifications: It uses a Shugart Mechanism, and the Analog card is an Apple card. It can be adapted to a DB-19 but still falls under all the same usage restrictions as any other DB-19 drive that is NOT the 'Platinum' drive, and unless the conversion cable is equipped with an additional DB-19 connector the drive can only be used as the last device on a system as nothing else can attach to it. There are also many Third Party drives based on this same or similar design, some are out right duplications and others are completely different such as the Rana Elite Series.

Common problems occurred using this device: Heads need cleaned Speed Adjustment gets slow/faster. Plugged into controller card backwards or improperly aligned pins when plugged in.

20 Pin 5.25" Drive controller.

The Apple Disk ][ Controller and is used for any brand 20 pin 5.25" drive. This controller is used in the Apple ][+ & //e. Can be used in a IIgs as well.

Drives Known to work with this card. (But not limited to these)

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Model Name



Disk ][|Apple Computer MicroSci|A5xxx MicroSci|A70 High Density drive requires MicroSci CTRL'r) Quentin Research|Quentin Research Vista 5.25|Vista Computer/ACP(They also made the 5 disk Jukebox) SuperDrive|4th Dimension Elite I,II,III|Rana Systems(Elite II,III in 35/40 Track, Single Side mode only) Super 5|Some island in the pacific

Table of Contents Web Reference

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