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Vendor Listings for Historical Reference as of 12/1998

The section has been removed and left intact and should not be edited. Please add all current items to the actual section 4 listing contained here CSA2 Part 4

Resources for the Apple II

Listed below are some places to get information about the Apple II. You should also try your local user group (and the user group library), friends, relatives, library, school, FTP sites, books, and etc. One good book is "The Whole Internet Users Guide & Catalog" by Ed Kroll, published by O'Reilly & Associates Inc.

Nathan Mates has a set of WWW pages with all sorts of online resources, more Apple II FAQs and more; visit http://www.visi.com/~nathan/a2/index.html

Apple II Groups

Listed below are some places to get information about the Apple II. You should also try your local user group (and the user group library), friends, relatives, library, school, FTP sites, books, and etc. One good book is "The Whole Internet Users Guide & Catalog" by Ed Kroll, published by O'Reilly & Associates Inc.

Nathan Mates has a set of WWW pages with all sorts of online resources, more Apple II FAQs and more; visit http://www.visi.com/~nathan/a2/index.html

Apple II Groups

You can become an associate in the Apple Developer Program for $350 (for Mac and Apple II) or a mere $150 (for Apple II only) by calling 1-408-974-4897. That gets you Develop magazine, Apple Technical notes, the Apple Developer CD, discounts on Apple products, and more! If you want to license Apple Software for distribution with your product you can get information by calling 1-408-974-4667. (Note: You need a license to distribute Apple System Software, including ProDOS, and the Installer.)

USUS (Keith Frederick (Secretary), P.O. Box 1148, La Jolla, CA 92038) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and influencing software standards to aid in the development of portable software. They have a large software library including a lot of source code (for almost every language or computer).

NAUG, the National AppleWorks Users Group used to be a group devoted to that wonder program, AppleWorks. Joe Kohn and SSII have taken over distribution of their materials; see http://www.crl.com/~joko/naug.html

Hardware and Software Vendors

This information is largely left for HISTORICAL reasons. It's pretty much okay to presume this section is no longer accurate.

There is a larger set of lists with more WWW links available at Nathan Mates's set of Apple II Companies pages at http://www.visi.com/~nathan/a2/com/index.html. The following list is in alphabetical order by company name; no guarantees are made about the suitability of products listed, companies, or anything else.

Alltech Electronics (http://www.allelec.com/, 760-724-2404 orders, 760-724-8808 FAX, 2618 Temple Heights, Oceanside CA, 92056; info@allelec.com) sells all kinds of hardware and general software for Apple II's-- one of the best 1-stop shopping areas.

The Apple User Group Connection (800-538-9696 ext 500) can tell you the closest Apple II (or Macintosh) User Group.

The ARC (Apple Resource Center, http://www.thearc.com/ (209) 832-4300, FAX (209) 832-3270, Orders (800) 753-0114, thearc@thearc.com, 1014 Central Avenue Tracy, CA 95376, U.S.A.) has a number of replacement parts for Apple II items as well as some repair facilities.

Atlaz Computer Supply (616 Burnside Ave, Inwood, NY 11096. 516-239-1854 phone, 516-239-1939 fax, 888-here-fax fax, atlaz@pipeline.com)is reported to sell cables for connecting //cs to other devices like printers and modems, as well as other items.

Adrian Vance's 'AV Systems' (http://www.webmag.com/AVCatalog/ 702-395-3572, P. O. Box 26533, Las Vegas, NV 89126) publishes a "Apple II Survival Manual" has 450 disks in it for the Apple II, all models.

Stephen Buggie, (buggie@unm.edu, 200 College Rd. Gallup NM 87301) modifies IBM PC power supplies to fit Apple IIs, as well as Disk ][ modifications. Contact him for pricing, availability and specific product details.

The Byte Works (http://www.hypermall.com/byteworks/index.html 8000 Wagon Mound Drive N.W. Albuquerque, NM 87120 (505) 898-8183 email mikew50@aol.com) is still selling Apple IIGS assemblers, compilers, and utility programs such as a spreadsheet and a morphing program. They are also one of the few sources for Apple II books full of technical and programming information.

Steve Cavanaugh (appleblossom@delphi.com, http://people.delphi.com/appleblossom/ 8 Ardley Street, Brockton, MA 02402) has now taken over the distribution of a 5.25" disk with modem utilities, a terminal program (Comm.System 2.5), Shrinkit 3.4, BinSCII 1.0.3, UU 1.1, Sneeze 2.2 and UnShrink 2.1 in ready to run format. Also included are all the docs for the above programs, plus Zlink (in archived format). this service. Send $3 to cover postage and materials to Steve Cavanaugh, Apple Blossom Publishing, P.O. Box 120434, Boston, MA 02112-0434. [Chuck Orem used to provide this.] He is also licensed to copy ProDOS 8; contact him for details. He also publishes The Apple Blossom, a "bimonthly newsletter reviewing new hardware and software for the Apple II computer as well as presenting original how-to articles and interviews." He's also involved in Hyper Quarterly, "our new disk-based subscription for Apple IIGS users. Every three months subscribers will get two disks of the latest and greatest in HyperCard IIGS stacks. The premier issue will be sent out at the end of April, 1997."

CCV Software (http://catalog.ccvsoftware.com/ is still selling many Apple II commercial educational and productivity titles.

Charlie's Appleseeds (chuckn@pro-nsdapple.cts.com 9081 Hadley Place San Diego CA 92126-1523 (619) 566-1297 (weekends, try 619 566-0387)), sells ProSEL-8 and ProSEL-16, which includes disk fixing utilities for ProDOS disks.

The Tulin IIGS SCSI driver for Flopticals (possibly also Zip disks) and Apple's HS SCSI cards are available from Wing Cheung 4901 Corona Court Union City, CA 94587 email wing_cheung@compuserve.com Ask for pricing and availability.

Compu-Teach Educational Software (http://www.wolfenet.com/~cmpteach/ ), 1-800-448-3224, still sells various Apple II educational software titles.

Creative Solutions (http://members.aol.com/CreatSltn/ CreatSltn@aol.com, (513) 429-5759 M-F 9-5) is located in Beavercreek, OH, and "Specializes in hardware, software, and repairs of AppleII, Macintosh, Laser, and Franklin computers."

The Cynosure BBS (410-549-2584 Settings: 8 data bits, No parity 1 stop bit, up to 14400 bps) has a license to distribute system Apple software (ProDOS and GS/OS). Contact Doug Granzow at dig@pro-cynosure.cts.com.

Digisoft Innovations (digisoft@hypermall.com) has a CD called Golden Orchard that is full of Apple II-specific programs. 18MB is accessable from 8-bit //e's, the rest is in HFS partitions that can be accessed with GS/OS System 6. Cost is around $60. They also have published Twilight II, a screen saver for the IIGS.

The 'Duncan Institute' has a large library of educational software for Apple IIs; their web site is http://www.gate.net/~duncanin/

Edlie Electronics (800-645-4722 or 516-735-3330) is selling "The ProDOS User's Kit". It seems to be your basic ProDOS operating system and a manual. I doubt that it's a current version, but it's worth a look if you need ProDOS on 5.25".

Educational Resources (800-624-2926) sells educational programs for the II.

EGO Systems (http://www.hypermall.com/ego/ 423-843-1775, Fax 423-843-0661 e-mail diz@chattanooga.net), has discontinued their GS+ Magazine, and is closing down their line of various Apple II hardware and software items.

Intrec Software (http://www.intrec.com/) is still selling ProTERM 3.1, the best text comm software for 8 and 16 bit Apple IIs.

Kitchen Sink Software ( http://www.kitchen-sink.com/ email: info@kitchen-sink.com, 1169 Stroud Ct. Westerville, OH 43081-1134 800-235-5502, 614-891-2111 (voice) 614-891-4545 (fax)) is still supporting its Apple II products.

Kula Software (http://www.angelfire.com/hi/kulasoft/ 2118 Kula Street Honolulu, HI 96817, (808) 595-8131 kulasoft@pixi.com) has a number of disks full of software, as well as misc books, used software, and indices of various magazines.

Michael Lutynski (626-335-7506, animasia@rocketmail.com), the author of Animasia 3D (GS desktop animation application) is still selling copies for $99, contact him for details. [Manuals may need to be reprinted occasionally.]

LYBEN Computer Systems at (800) 493-5777 is reported to sell cables for connecting //cs to other devices like printers and modems.

Marin Macroworks, 1675 Grand Avenue, San Rafael, CA 94901-2211.

MECC (http://www.mecc.com/ 800-685-MECC) is a well-known educational software shop.

Memory Plus Distributors (602-990-2327) has a number of hardware items available; contact them for details.

M&M Software has a large collection of mainly educational software for the Apple II, Macintosh, DOS and Windows. Their web site is at http://www.mm-soft.com/ 800-642-6162, M&M Software, P.O. Box 15769, Long Beach, CA 90815.

National Communications Inc. (http://www.thomasregister.com:8000/olc/natcomm/apple.htm) sells a number of cables such as modems that they claim to be compatible with Apple IIs, //cs, Laser 128s, and the like.

Parkhurst Micro Products (510-837-9098) sells ANSITerm, a GS-only communications program that supports X/Y/Z-Modem (plus variants), Kermit, VT-100, Color ANSI, and offers features like a text editor, a large scrollback buffer, and macros.

Procyon Enterprises, Inc (http://www.hypermall.com/companies/procyon/ PO Box 641 Englewood, CO 80151-0641 (303) 781-3273) published many Apple II products such as GNO/ME and Splat!; GNO/ME has been reclassified into the freely copyable category.

Ready Access Memory (http://readyaccessinc.com/ ) apparently sells a number of Apple II related items.

Redmond cable (206-882-2009) makes and sells all sorts of custom cables.

Roger Wagner Publishing, Inc (1050 Pioneer Way, Suite P, El Cajon, California 92020, 619/442-0522) is still publishing Hyperstudio for the GS, and Merlin (assembler/disassembler) packages for the Apple II family.

Scantron Quality Computers, http://www.sqc.net/ (800-777-3642 or 810-774-7200, 810-774-7740 Tech Support, 810-774-2698 FAX) not only sells Apple II products, but maintains a list of user groups and publishes an informative newsletter geared towards educators (called Enhance). They also published AppleWorks 5.0. To get a QC catalog and a free subscription to Enhance, just call! Contact QC (on GEnie), QualityCom (on AOL) or sales@sqc.net.

Sequential Systems (http://www.sequential.com/ 800-759-4549 or 303-666-4549, 800-999-1717 tech, 303-666-7797 BBS) has many products, including GS software that reads some (but not all) multimedia CD-ROMs, VGA display, Memory, SCSI, and other boards for Apple IIs. Contact inquiries@sequential.com.

Seven Hills Solution Specialist (http://www.sevenhills.com/applesoftware/ email: shss@nettally.com, 904-575-0566 phone, 904-575-2015 FAX, 1254 Ocala Road, Tallahassee, FL 32304) publishes the Spectrum Internet Suite (WWW browsing from a GS and dialup shell account), Graphic Writer III (GS Desktop Publishing), Independence (Black and White printer drivers for several printers from the GS) and Spectrum (GS Desktop Telecom program), among other programs.

Joe Kohn's Shareware Solutions II (http://www.crl.com/~joko/ 166 Alpine Street, San Rafael, CA 94901-1008, joko@crl.com) publishes a bimonthly Apple II newsletter, the NAUG (National Appleworks User Group), the WestCode Software GS software (Pointless, HardPressed, etc) line, many older and newer games, several HyperStudio and HyperCard IIGS's 3.5" and CD-ROM collections, many freeware/shareware disks, and the Harmonie set of printer drivers originally published by Vitesse.

Shreve Systems (http://www.shrevesystems.com/ has some Apple II parts, reconditioned, and other stuff.

Smart Kids Software (http://www.smartkidssoftware.com/apple.htm email max@smartkidssoftware.com) has many Apple II software, specializing in educational titles.

Software & More (http://members.aol.com/AppleSWHP/APPLE.html 7250 Auburn Blvd Citrus Heights CA 95610 (916) 725-0228, SWMoreTP@aol.com) carries a number of hardware and software items for the Apple II series.

Sun Remarketing, http://www.sunrem.com/ (800-821-3221) also sells used Apples parts and books.

Vitesse, authors of the Harmonie series of printer drivers, can be reached at 248 North Orange Ave. West Covina, CA 91790-2018 (818)813-1270 (818)813-1273 (FAX). Joe Kohn's Shareware Solutions II has taken over distribution of Harmonie; see above.

Washington Apple Pi (http://www.wap.org/ 301/984-0300, BBS (301/984-4070 [12 lines, 9600 and up] and 984-4066 for the 2 line at 2400), info@tcs.wap.org) has an extremely active Apple /// Special Interest Group. They have 250 PD disks and have funded a new revision of the OS. Contact Dave Ottalini at 72457.2401@Compuserve.com or at the email address above.

Westcode Software (http://www.westcodesoft.com/ ) has mostly moved on to the Mac world, but their Pointless, TypeWest, and HardPressed packages for the GS are still being sold by Joe Kohn's Shareware Solutions II. (see above).

10.3 Fun hardware add-ons

///SSH Systeme, http://users.ids.net/~kerwood/shh.html (Write to: SHH SYSTEME, Dipl. Ing. Joachim Lange, Bergstrasse 95, 82131 Stockdorf, Germany) is selling several cards for the Apple II, allowing you to connect IDE drive(s), PC Floppy drives, or expand a Transwarp GS's cache. Contact jlange@tasha.muc.de.

Night Owl (913-362-9898) makes a slide-on battery for ROM 01 GS's. You need a replacement if the time and system settings go back to their defaults whenever you turn the computer off.

Lightning Systems, (414) 363-4282 BBS, P.O. Box 4, Mukwonago, WI 53149-0004 sells a 'Turbo ASP' addon to the Super Serial Card which lets it communicate at up to 230,400bps.

Various companies sell cables for the Apple //c; check out Atlaz Computer Supply (516-239-1854) or LYBEN Computer Systems at (800) 493-5777

Conversion Technology (801-364-4171) sells a drive that allows you to hook up cheap IBM 3.5" and 5.25" disk drives to you Apple II.

Silicon Systems (714-731-7110) makes that 22 pin DIP DTMF decoder chip that Apple-Cat modem owners are always looking for. Part #: SSI 75T201 - Integrated DTMF Receiver.

Periodicals & Books

The Apple Blossom is published by Steve Cavanaugh; see listing above.

Howard Katz publishes the 'Appleworks Gazette'. 1104 Lorlyn Circle # 2D Batavia, IL 60510.

Adam Barr ( barr@railnet.nshore.org) and Cindy Field (former InCider/A+ editor) thought about starting a new (email) Apple II newsletter, but nothing apparently ever came of that.

The Byte Works ( http://www.hypermall.com/byteworks/index.html, email mikew50@aol.com) is one of the few sources for Apple II books full of technical and programming information.

A free monthly archive of postings, full of tips, tidbits, etc., called GenieLamp has been discontinued. Back archives of it are available at http://ground.isca.uiowa.edu/apple2/gelamp. For a while, the edition for programmers (the 'a2pro.*' files in the directory mentioned) ran at the same time. "The Lamp" is the replacement, and will be available shortly on the internet after an initial Delphi-only posting.

Hyperstudio Network (609-446-3196) is a quarterly newsletter about HyperStudio. They put out an annual 'Best of HyperStudio' disk of stacks, and have discounts on HyperStudio accessories. They even do some teacher-oriented stuff.

Juiced.GS is another Apple II newsletter started by Max Jones. As of 9/4/96, a 1-year's subscription is $14. For more information, email Max at m.jones145@genie.com, or write to him at Max Jones, Juiced.GS, 2217 Lakeview Drive, Sullivan IN 47882.

Scantron Quality Computers (previously mentioned above) also publishes periodicals, such as II Alive

Shareware Solutions II (166 Alpine Street, San Rafael, CA 94901) is a new Apple II magazine with the latest scoops, written by long time Apple II writer Joe Kohn. Mail joko@crl.com for details. You can also check out his WWW homepage at http://www.crl.com/~joko/ssii.html

Softdisk and Softdisk GS (800-831-2694 or 318-221-8718) were monthly disk magazines containing a variety of software (PD/SW, clip art, reviews, etc). Softdisk and Softdisk GS are no longer published, but you may still be able to purchase back issues on 5.25" or 3.5" disks. Softdisk GS is available only on 3.5" disks. See http://www.softdisk.com

Kingwood Micro Software publishes Texas II, a newsletter and disk for users of AppleWorks. 2503 Sherbrook Lane McKinney, Texas 75075.

Misc Resources

If you need a IIc upgrade, it used to be free, but that has expired. Try a few Apple dealers or call Apple to seek help. The number is 1-800-767-2775 (SOS-APPL).

Sequential Systems ( http://www.sequential.com, 800-759-4549 or 303-666-4549, 800-999-1717 tech, 303-666-7797 BBS) have taken over CVTech's products.

Larry Beyer (312-735-9010) likes to fix InnerDrive hard drives.

Apple has a toll-free customer assistance line for handling sales questions and user concerns. This toll-free line is not designed to be a technical support hotline, but instead is an extension to the comprehensive Apple customer relations effort. The Customer Assistance Center is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time by dialing 1-800-776-2333.

--- End Part 4 of 4

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