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The CSA2 FAQ Project: Information about this site

Overall project information CSA2 FAQ Project

The Original CSA2 FAQ

comp.sys.apple2 usenet FAQ

This is the primary FAQ for the USENET news group hierarchy comp.sys.apple2, excluding comp.sys.apple2.gno. This is a suitable starting point for most Apple II related questions.

  1. CSA2 Part 1 - Sections 1 - 3
            Introduction • What is the Apple II? • Quick Introduction to the Apple II
  2. CSA2 Part 2 - Section 4
            Adding Hardware to your Apple II
  3. CSA2 Part 3 - Sections 5 - 6
            Getting files off the 'net • Filetypes & Dealing with various files
  4. CSA2 Part 4 - Sections 7 - 10
            Common Questions • Strange Problems
            IIgs System Software 6.0.1 Mini-FAQ • Resources for the Apple II

    CSA2 Part 4a Historical Reference Vendor Section as of Dec. 1998

  5. CSA2 FAQ Complete - Sections 1 - 10 continuous inline - (Printing, PDF dump, etc)

Individual Topic FAQs


Applesoft BASIC FAQ Sections 1 - 7
Applesoft BASIC CMD FAQ - Section 8 - Command Reference
Applesoft BASIC Ref FAQ - Sections 1 - 8 - Complete Inline



DOS 3.3 / ProDOS

DOS 3.3 / ProDOS FAQ

Apple II DOS and Commands FAQ This document attempts to give a detailed and correct set of Apple II DOS command line commands, covering those found in official releases of DOS 3.3 and ProDOS.


Emulators Part 1 FAQ

Apple II Emulators FAQ This document is a guide to cross-platform emulators of Apple 8-bit and 16-bit computers (primarily the Apple ][ series) and other emulator resources. [version 1.3.5]

Floptical Storage

Floptical FAQ

Apple II Flopticals FAQ This document contains information on using Floptical removable media drives with an Apple II.

Sound / Music

Sound FAQ

Apple II Sound and Music FAQ

Apple IIgs System Software 6

IIgs 6.0.1 FAQ

This is an unofficial list of the minimum set of system files required for a IIgs running GS/OS System 6.0.1.

Pinouts - Slots / Connectors / Sockets

  1. Pinouts FAQ


  1. Accelerator 8 bit Apple ][, ][+, //e, //c, IIc Plus
  2. Accelerator 16 bit Apple IIgs

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