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Monitors From Apple Computer

Model #
Compatible With
Sanyo VM 4509 9" Mono All Apple ][ Models
Monitor /// * A3M0039 12" Green All Apple ][ Models
Monitor // A2M2010 12" Green All Apple ][ Models
Monitor //e (Platinum) A2M6017 12" Green All Apple ][ Models
Monitor //c A2M4090 9" Green All Apple ][ Models
Apple Monochrome A2M6016 12" Mono All Apple ][ Models
AppleColor 100 A9M0308 12" RGB (Digital) //e or //c with Video7
AppleColor RGB A2M6014 12" RGB (Analog) IIgs, AE RGB, PC Transporter
AppleColor //e & //c A2M60xx 13" Comp. Color //e or //c (80 Col)
AppleColor //e A2M6020 13" Comp. Color Matches //e profile
AppleColor //e (Platinum) A2M6021 13" Comp. Color Matches //e profile
AppleColor //c A2M6040 13" Comp. Color Sits on stand behind //c

  • *This is a slow scanning monitor, and it is primarily used for the Apple /// and interlacing video applications, there are also a few cards available for the // series that support interlaced video modes, and should be used with a Monitor ///.

Sanyo VM 4509

This monitor was widely used in the mid to late 1970's for CCTV, Security, Studios, and data display. Apple simply resold this Sanyo monochrome monitor via it's resale channels as they did yet make any of their own. I have seen Sanyo VM4509 monitors with manufacturing dates as late as mid 1995, and they are now labeled Denki, Sanyo Denki, and there are many repair outlets that still service these, and sell refurbished units. These monitors are capable of displaying 80 column text with their high pitch mask construction. More modern versions are also available in amber/green varieties.

Apple Monitor ///

The Monitor /// is the first to specification monitor that shipped with an Apple label, manufactured by Hitachi for Apple Computer, meant to match the Apple /// styling. The 12" Monitor /// is a slow scan rate, slow burn display and as such features a very sharp text display that was designed to work optimally with the Apple ///'s advanced graphic and 80 column text display modes. Game play with the Monitor /// leaves phosphor trails and some people are bothered by this.

An added benefit with the Monitor /// is it works extremely well with the Videx UltraTERM card, which is a 132 column text card for the Apple II and ///.

The Monitor /// was also Apple's offering for the Apple II Plus and early //e models and would be supplied with a stand that fit right over the Apple II case, since the Monitor /// is a little wider than the Apple II. It will also fit on the top of the case, as the rubber feet are inset enough. It does look nicer with the stand.

The most common Monitor /// is available with a beige cabinet and a dark green bezel area, and green CRT. There are some varieties that have a lighter colored bezel area and a purple CRT overlay, and others with an amber CRT overlay. These were made for specific environments and some have found their way into the wild over the years. They were not offered commonly through the dealer channels.

Apple Monitor //

The Monitor // matches the styling of the //e case and stacks neatly on top of either the II, //e or the DuoDisk, dual 5.25" drive. The Monitor // featured a tilt screen for deflecting glare. The Monitor // did not support the slow scanning modes as well as the Monitor ///, consequently, the // and /// were available concurrently for a short time.

Apple Monitor //c

The Monitor //c is a 9" green monochrome display that is styled similarly to the Apple //c, and designed as a compact portable unit that could be used alone sitting on the table next to the //c or with a custom metal base that held it over the //c in the traditional position. Functionality wise it is similar to the Monitor // although it does have a bit finer image with 80 columns due to the smaller CRT size.

AppleColor 100

The AppleColor 100 RGB monitor was ultimately designed with the Apple //e and /// in mind. With styling to match the Apple //e, much like the Monitor //, it would compliment an Apple //e or Apple //e with DuoDisk 5.25", but it also has the raised leading lower edge to match the rising top profile of an Apple /// system. The M100 monitor is a TTL mode RGB monitor and is generally compatible with Apple's Extended 80 Column RGB Text Card or the Applied Engineering Digital Prism add-on card for the RAMWorks Memory Expansion. A Video-7 branded RGB / 80 Column card, and Extended 80/64K model were also available.

The M100 monitor can also work with the Apple IIgs with the flip of an internal 8/16 color switch, to the 8 color position, which is also is the analog mode for this monitor. Otherwise the M100 monitor is a 15Hz scan model like CGA, EGA and arcade machines of the era.

AppleColor RGB

This is the standard monitor that Apple supplied for the Apple IIgs system, sold as model #6014. It's an analog RGB, 15Hz horizontal scan monitor.

In addition to being used on a IIgs it can be used with an RGB card for a ][+ or //e and a Laser 128.

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