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ProDOS Users Disk & Manual

This package is the first release of the ProDOS manual from Apple, allthough it is old, it can still be utilized. It ships with the old version of ProDOS, version 1.1.1. The newest version is ProDOS 8 v1.9. Other than ProDOS 1.1.1 and ProDOS 8v1.9, there are no later versions. The ProDOS users disk, and most interim versions called the Apple II system Utilities, lastly with the 4.0.x releases the title was again changed, this time to "Apple II System Disk". They all offer the following (and more):

Formatting disks, copy disk, verify, erase disk, Copy Files, Delete Files, Verify Files, Create Directories.

ProDOS Versions

ProDOS 1.0

: First release of ProDOS, a subset of the Apple /// Operating System, (Sophisticated Operating System, S.O.S.) for the Apple II platform. ProDOS 1.0 worked on a ][+ with only 48K.

ProDOS 1.0.1:

Memory requirements were changed to 64K, still ][+ compatible. Other fixes included.

ProDOS 1.1.1:

The last release of ProDOS BEFORE the IIgs. This version is 100% usable and reccommended for the Apple ][+ and //e. It should not be used on a IIgs if later versions of ProDOS, (Now known as ProDOS 8) are available.

ProDOS 8 V1.0 - 1.6:

After the IIgs came into exhistance, ProDOS became ProDOS 8, as opposed to ProDOS 16, (GS/OS). The versions mentioned are from System Disk releases V1.0 thru 4.0. They should NOT be used on any hard disk, floppy or other ProDOS volume that has Apple IIgs System Software release V.5.0 or higher installed.

ProDOS 8 V1.3:

This version is unstable when used on an Apple II/Plus or un-enhanced //e - A 65C02 instruction inadvertently slipped into this release and could cause data loss on a system that does not contain a 65C02.

ProDOS 8 V1.7 - 1.9: ProDOS 8 V1.7

and higher can be used on Any Apple II that can run ProDOS 8. If IIgs system software 5.0 or greater is installed on the volume, nothing lower than 1.7 can be used.

ProDOS 8 V2.0.1:

This is the version of ProDOS 8 that ships with Apple IIgs System Software 6.0. It has many new internal features and requires and enhanced //e or later to run.

ProDOS 8 V2.0.2:

This is the same as version 2.0.1 with a bug fix dealing with the amount of volumes being used when dealing with a //e or //c.

ProDOS 8 2.0.3:

Changes included, KVersion ($BFFF) is now $23. This is for detecting the ProDOS version # from within programs. The Thunderclock year table was adjusted to work for 1993-1998. The IIgs gets the current year from the inbuilt RTC (Real Time Clock) but the Thunderclock driver uses a lookup table and this is only 6 year span, so it needs to be adjusted periodically if use is continued. On a system with a 6502, you now see the message "REQUIRES ENHANCED APPLE IIE OR LATER" instead of "Relocation/configuration error.", this fixes the ambiguous error, instead of making the user think they may have a hardware problem. Removed the unnecessary message "** Unable to find a .System file **" since ProDOS 8 always does a QUIT if there isn't one. A message that no one ever saw after ProDOS 8 1.9 since a better QUIT was integrated into ProDOS 8.

DOS 3.3

DOS 3.2

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