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A2 Reference: Floppy Drives

Floppy Drives

A2 Reference: 3.5 Drive Compatibility Chart

3.5 Drive Compatibility

A2 Reference: Table of Contents

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3.5" Floppy Drives

Apple made two different 3.5" drives for the Apple II, the AppleDisk 3.5" and the UniDisk 3.5". The AppleDisk 3.5" is Apple Platinum colored and was introduced along with the Apple IIgs. With exception of the //c and the Liron card, it is compatible where a 3.5" drive is supported on the Apple II.

AppleDisk 3.5 (A9M0106)

This is an external Apple 800K DSDD 3.5" GCR . It can also read 400K disks. Drive. See the compatibility chart after the UniDisk 3.5" information for more detail.

Apple UniDisk 3.5 (A2M2053)

This is an External Apple 800K DSDD 3.5". Compatibility with the following computers is as follows:

The UniDisk 3.5" can be used on the following Apple II Systems, and it's requirements are listed with it.

Apple ][, ][ Plus

 : Requires 64K, ProDOS and an Apple 3.5" drive controller.

Apple //e:

Requires an Apple 3.5" controller or Apple SuperDrive controller. The SuperDrive controller requires an Enhanced //e

Apple //c:

Requires a ROM upgrade in older //c units to be installed if it's not already installed. If the model # on the //c is A2S4000 then it may not have the ROM installed. To find out, turn on the computer and from BASIC, (the ] prompt) type 'PR#7'. If the EXTERNAL 5.25" drive 'boots' then it needs the ROM upgrade. IF the computer says 'AppleTalk offline' it has the ROM installed. If no external drive is installed and no AppleTalk message appears you still need the newer ROM.

The UniDisk 3.5" drive is NOT COMPATIBLE with the Laser Universal Disk Controller. It will do Bad Things when it's plugged in. Do Not Try It.

Another way is to turn on the computer, when you can see the monitor hold down both the Open and Closed Apple keys. (Opposite sides of the spacebar) and hit CTRL and RESET. If the computer goes into a checkerboard type pattern you have the new ROM installed. If the computer goes to an alternating vertical line pattern with a click between each alternation. (Turn up volume, on left side, under keyboard). You will need a ROM upgrade. The part # for this ROM upgrade is 342-0033.

Apple IIc Plus:

Nothing additional is required to use the UniDisk 3.5" with an

Apple IIc Plus.

Apple IIgs:

No additional hardware is required to use the UniDisk 3.5" with an Apple IIgs directly although you can use the UniDisk 3.5" with either an Apple 3.5" controller card or Apple SuperDrive controller in the slot of an Apple IIgs. The UniDisk normally plugs into the floppy port of the Apple IIgs.

The UniDisk is not the recommended 3.5" drive for use with an Apple IIgs although it will work fine for normal usage. It will be slower than using the recommended drive, the AppleDisk 3.5". It looks similar to the UniDisk 3.5" and is the same color as the Apple IIgs itself. Using a UniDisk on a IIgs while using any GS specific software that runs under GS/OS will require that a device driver be installed on the boot volume as well. The driver, titled 'UniDisk.3.5' can be found on the system disk set and be installed using the installer on the System Tools disk of System Disk 5.0.4 or the Installer disk of System 6.0. Using the UniDisk on the IIgs will also be slower than using the proper 3.5" drive and some disk based software from such groups as the FTA may simply not run.

Apple //e Emulation Card:

No additional hardware is needed to use the UniDisk 3.5" with the Apple //e Emulation card. It simply plugs into the Floppy Port of the card, which is the larger plug on the two way cable supplied with the card.

Apple FDHD / SuperDrive 3.5 (G7287)

The FDHD ('FudHead') / SuperDrive was introduced for the Macintosh and is not an Apple II specific 3.5" drive but due to it's nature it is compatible where an AppleDisk 3.5" (A9M0106) would otherwise be appropriate and requires a separate controller card, the Apple II 3.5" Controller Card, Apple P/N A0076LL/A in order to function as a High Density drive on an Apple II. There is no solution for high density drives in any Apple II that does not have expansion slots with exception of the Mark Twain, prototype IIgs which has an on board SuperDrive controller.

Haba Systems HabaDisk

The HabaDisk is a 3.5" 320K drive that uses the Apple Disk ][ or compatible controller.

Amdek AmDisk I, III

Amdek, known more for monitors, also brought a 3" (3 inch) drive to market for the Apple II and Atari, for the Apple II it used a standard Disk ][ controller. The AmDisk I was replacement for the Disk ][. Down to the fact that if you want to use the back side of the disk you had to remove it and turn it over.

The AmDisk III was a 360K double sided drive system that was marketed for the Atari and IBM PC, it was supposed to come to the Apple II but never did.

A2 Reference: Floppy Drives

Floppy Drives

A2 Reference: 3.5 Drive Compatibility Chart

3.5 Drive Compatibility

A2 Reference: Table of Contents

Web Reference

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