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The Apple II Information & Reference Wiki contains multiple projects. Each has it's own (C) Copyright declaration.

The Purpose of the Apple II Wiki from Apple2.org

In 1998, Nathan Mates, then holder/author of the CSA2 FAQ decided to move on and that FAQ in it's entirety was passed on to Tony Diaz - (a-t) Apple2 (dot goes here) .org where it has resided ever since with the goal of making it available with community contributions and upkeep. Unfortunately it took a little longer than I anticipated. This somewhat customized Wiki site was created for this purpose and then along the way I decided why not have more than just the FAQ at this location.

The Original CSA2 (comp.sys.apple2 usenet FAQ)

The following applies to the "Original CSA2 usenet FAQ"

The "Original" CSA2 usenet FAQ is (C)1998-2007 Tony Diaz. (email: tdiaz-at-apple2-dot-org), all rights reserved. This document can be freely copied so long as 1) it is not sold, 2) any sections reposted elsewhere from it are credited back to this FAQ with the FAQ's copyright info and official WWW location ( http://wiki.apple2.org/index.php?title=CSA2_FAQ) left in place. This may not be the latest version of this FAQ-- this is an archived copy. For that, drop by http://wiki.apple2.org/index.php?title=CSA2_FAQ

This FAQ may not be sold, bundled on disks or CD-ROMs, reprinted in magazines, books, periodicals, or the like without prior consent from the maintainer, Tony Diaz. Exceptions are explicitly granted for Juiced.GS and _The_Lamp. Email me for permission otherwise. Big thanks to Nathan Mates, the previous maintainer of this comp.sys.apple2 FAQ, for allowing it to live on after his departure and anyone who took up that mantle before him.

The Apple II Web Reference: Wiki Edition

The following applies to the "Apple II Web Reference" and all sub sections.

(C) 1991-2007 Tony Diaz - All Rights Reserved - This text may be referenced provided proper credit is given. Links and referrals are preferred, sections may be taken as needed for clarity, again provided proper credit is given. This is the Apple II Web Reference - Wiki Edition.

Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike unless otherwise noted.
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